Diabetes has many effects on the body. Prolonged high blood sugar levels may affect nerve function and blood circulation to your feet. For example, a person with diabetes may step on a pebble or sharp object and not feel it due to numbness (neuropathy) brought on by poor nerve conduction. Because of the lack of feeling in this area, the person continues to walk causing blisters, callus, skin breakdown and possibly ulceration (destruction of the upper layers of the skin and possibly extending to the bone). In addition, poor blood circulation to the area may delay healing and allow infection to set in. Infections in the foot may travel very quickly up the leg and can be difficult to stop, potentially resulting in amputation. Preventative chiropodial care makes infections, ulcers and amputations in diabetes far less likely to occur.

Patients living with Diabetes are assessed with a special research-validated screening tool to identify any risks that they might have for ulceration. As 85% of diabetes-related lower extremity amputations begin with a wound, by lowering or eliminating this risk, we are significantly lowering risks of adverse effects caused by your diabetes. BOOK AN ASSESSMENT TODAY!

Help for Diabetic Neuropathy

Are you (or they) experiencing numbness, burning, tingling, pins and needles, daytime and/or night time pain often associated with diabetes? Is it affecting your sleep, your daytime activities, and your quality of life? Photo/laser therapy has shown great promise in reducing or eliminating the symptoms of diabetes peripheral neuropathy (DPN). If you have numbness, tingling, burning or pins and needles, WE CAN HELP!

In this practice we have a special interest in the treatment of people with diabetes. Our focus is preventative care, healing, comfort and maintenance.