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DeFEETing Diabetes – One Patient at a Time - Part 1: Diagnosis

At The Foot Advantage, we have a special interest in foot care for people living with diabetes. Studies have shown that 85% of diabetes related amputations originate with a diabetic foot ulcer, and that 80% of those amputations are preventable. Our approach to the care of people living with diabetes is to work with you to ensure minimal complications and best possible outcomes.

A thorough and informed assessment of the feet can identify risk factors increasing the risk of or predisposing a patient to a foot ulcer. Results of the assessment guide the treatment, frequency of follow-up and any need for referral.

Treatment ranges from the routine care, to the therapeutic to the preventative. Patient education is essential part of our care and is integral to the success of any treatment. Ensuring that you understand how diabetes is or potentially can affect your feet, legs and your general health is a routine part of caring for you. We want to show you how and ensure that you can live well with diabetes!

The most effective treatment is team-based. At The Foot Advantage, we are skilled at forging relationships with referring physicians, specialists and other health care professionals to the benefit of our patients and to ensure that you don’t “fall between the cracks”. Back to the family doctor or other health professional, to a Diabetes Education Centre, Urgent Care or Emergency as, we make sure that you get the referral that you need!

Appropriate and thorough assessment, skilled and informed treatment, education tailored to your needs and appropriate and timely follow-up and referral can go a long way to “DeFEETing” diabetes. Take the worry out of your diabetes. Contact the Foot Advantage now!


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