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DeFEETing Diabetes – One Patient at a Time – Part 2: Assessment

Updated: Jan 15

A thorough and informed assessment of the feet can identify risk factors increasing the risk of or predisposing a patient to a foot ulcer (a wound in the foot extending to the tissues below the skin). Results of the assessment help determine the treatment, frequency of follow-up and any need for referral.

It has been determined that 85% of diabetes related amputations begin with a wound, and that 80% of such amputations are preventable. By assessing risk, and identifying risk factors, as well as ensuring routine assessment intervals based on the your risk level, a significant lowering of wound-related complication can be realized.

At Glazier Medical Footcare we routinely use “Inlow’s 60-second Diabetic Foot Screen”, which is endorsed by the Canadian Association of Wound Care (www.cawc.net) and supported in research for its valid content validity and reliability in determining risk for ulceration. The screening tool examines skin condition, foot deformity and joint ranges of motion, footwear, sensation, and circulation status.

Where appropriate, we also use infrared vascular thermometry to determine temperature differences that are indicative of infection and/or Charcot changes in the feet. You can live well with diabetes! Blood glucose levels are paramount, and then we just have to identify any risk factors and address them head on to reduce or eliminate them so you can reduce or eliminate your worry.

If you feel that you or someone you know living with diabetes would benefit from having a formal and ongoing evaluation to assess and address risk factors for ulceration, call us at Glazier Medical Footcare!


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