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Do You Really Have Flat Feet?

You are complaining of arch pain, or heel pain, knee pain or even hip and back pain. X-rays are negative. Nothing shows on x-ray, so, “Sorry, nothing to see”. Or, standing barefoot, and there it is right in front of you – no arch. “Simple”, you’re told: “You have flat feet!” Go get some more supportive shoes, or arch supports - or both. Problem solved.

Or is it? Why do many people continue to experience the pain that they initially complained about? Do they still look flat footed when non weight bearing? If, miraculously, an arch appears when you put your feet up, you don’t have flat feet, you have feet that flatten. That’s not some tricky play on words, your feet are compensating for some other biomechanical anomaly that requires the excess pronation (flattening) to allow the foot to be fully in contact with the ground, or to function, or both! That compensation that you see can cause problems.

You could be affected by bowed legs, knock knees, tight calf muscles, internally rotated hip joints, forefoot or rear foot deviations or various combinations of these or other problems. To simply prescribe an arch support will place a bump under the arch and cause discomfort or even pain. Knowing the cause of the excess pronation and understanding the complex relationship between form and function guides the treatment and helps chiropodists to provide appropriate footwear and exercise advice, as well as produce orthotics that address causes, not just symptoms.

The Ontario government has chosen not to regulate the provision of orthotics, so many regulated and non-regulated individuals are providing them. Members of the College of Chiropodists of Ontario are the only regulated health professionals to have treatment by the provision of orthotics specifically delineated in their scope of practice as set out in legislation.

For the your well being, for improved ,more comfortable outcomes, bring your suspected flat feet to a chiropodist – a regulated health professional with the training and experience to deal appropriately with your pain!

Put your feet in hands you can trust! Your Sole Support: The Foot Advantage.



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