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Is an Arch Support Enough?

Custom Fit™ Orthotics, Custom Made Orthotics, Custom Arch Insoles. How are you supposed to know which ones will help your problem? And what is the difference anyway?

Custom Fit™ Orthotics are pre-made. You stand on a mat and the computer maps the pressure areas on the bottom of your feet. The computer holds a library of pressure maps and rapidly matches your pressure map to one in its database. Then it gives you the device that corresponds to that map. Simple.

Custom Arch Insoles allow you to attach a support in the arch area corresponding to a low, medium or high arch. Even simpler.


The foot is not that simple. It is a remarkably complex structure that contains ¼ of the body’s bones and has even more complex mechanics. The arch is like the hole in a donut – it’s just a space. But it indicates what is happening around it. Arch height when weight bearing is impacted by leg length (if one is longer than the other), shape of the legs, tightness of the calf muscles, and spatial relationship of the forefoot to the rear foot amongst other factors. These are things that are discovered in a proper physical examination by a trained professional. A computer can’t do that, and simply estimating if an arch is low, medium or high is not enough. The professional is able to determine, what kind, amount and location of correction is needed to address your problem and see that it is built into your Custom Made Orthotics.

If you really have a foot problem, don’t waste your time or money on half measures. Custom made orthotics are the smart choice.


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