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Is Toenail Fungus that Big a Deal?

Updated: Jan 15

Recent advertisements have many people in a panic. They are worried that they, or someone in their family have toenail fungus and might pass it on to the rest of the family. The commercials have been very effective and done their job well so people run to their doctors requesting a prescription for

antifungal medication.

Many people who come in to the office concerned that they might have toenail fungus in fact do not. Their nails may be thickened – either naturally over time or due to major trauma (finding the bedpost in the night or dropping the frozen turkey on it) or micro trauma (persistent knocking around in shoes that fit the big toe, but cause painless pressure on the other, lesser toes – that may actually be as long or longer than the 1 st ). Sometimes the nail is partially separated from the nail bed due to the micro trauma and the white colour that comes with the separation is misinterpreted as fungus. We can actually test the nail to determine whether or not there is a fungus present.

For people living with diabetes, onychomycosis – nail fungus – is considered a risk and should be treated. For the rest of the population it is more an esthetic inconvenience. Treating nail fungus in the healthy individual becomes more a function of the level of motivation that the person has to address it. If they are not worried enough to apply the medication once or twice daily, they are wasting their time

and money.

Worried about passing it on to the rest of the family? Yes the fungus is contagious. But how contagious? Many people have had one fungal nail for many years without the others being affected. Their other nine unaffected toes are much closer to the infected nail than the rest of the family! So, why worry about fungus? Come in for an assessment and let us put your worries to rest! Put your feet in experienced hands. Call The Foot Advantage 905-728-3668 or 416-385-3868.


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